APRIL Robotic Food Processing

Automated Processing Robotic Ingredient Loading

The APRIL robotic chef uses state of the art cooking and material handling technologies to process ingredients with real care. By using robots to handle ingredients and cook food, food manufacturing can become more efficient and safe. Imagine you're at home with two saucepans and a frying pan on the stove. You can freely move, add ingredients and process to your desired recipe. This, in essence, is what APRIL allows food manufacturers to do on an industrial scale.

We are excited by the new thinking involved in the APRIL robotic chef approach. Modular robotics cells may transform food manufacturing kitchens, by breaking up processes in a different way, in doing so providing a step change in performance. The trigger for their introduction will be the ability to improve taste, consistency, quality and value of consumer products.
— Simon Lushey, Marks and Spencer
OAL’s launch of the APRIL robotic chef creates a unique opportunity for early adopters in numerous areas of the food manufacturing industry. At a time when margins are under pressure and labour costs are rising significantly, APRIL could well be the game changer for the industry. Those companies that innovate and invest in robotics will potentially be the market leaders of tomorrow.
— Ross van Geest, Geest Consultancy

APRIL Robotic Chef Development Timeline