We're putting robotics at the heart of food processing.


APRIL Robotics Food Processing

Our team are world leaders in using proven robotic equipment to provide next generation food manufacturing preparation and processing systems. The systems currently support dry weighing, A to B transport, blending and full processing kitchens.

We strive to keep our customers ahead and future proofed by leading multiple R&D projects currently valued at £3.5 million aimed at developing tomorrow's tried and trusted.

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Automate Your Dry Ingredient Weighing

We all know health & safety is paramount in food manufacturing but how do we mitigate against the risks associated with manual ingredient handling?

Food manufacturers can now automate their dry ingredient handling and weighing with the APRIL Robotics Weighing Station.

That means no more musculoskeletal issues from manual handling and fast, efficient consistent weighing.


What is the perfect food factory?

Rising labour costs and concerns over availability have been well documented but what are the alternatives?

Our automation experts discuss "What is the perfect food factory" and how automation and robotics can play a key role.

What are people saying?

We are excited by the new thinking involved in the APRIL robotic chef approach. Modular robotics cells may transform food manufacturing kitchens, by breaking up processes in a different way, in doing so providing a step change in performance. The trigger for their introduction will be the ability to improve taste, consistency, quality and value of consumer products.
— Simon Lushey, Marks and Spencer
OAL’s launch of the APRIL robotic chef creates a unique opportunity for early adopters in numerous areas of the food manufacturing industry. At a time when margins are under pressure and labour costs are rising significantly, APRIL could well be the game changer for the industry. Those companies that innovate and invest in robotics will potentially be the market leaders of tomorrow.
— Ross van Geest, Geest Consultancy